Your Journey To Lasting Wealth Starts Now

The Infinite Wealth course is a powerful wealth of education that allows you to build multi-generational wealth on a tax-free basis.

The course is short, but action-packed with a wealth of knowledge! For the investment you are making in the course, you will build a tremendous amount of tax-free wealth and gain a tremendous amount of value! The course also allows you an opportunity to receive hands-on services if needed in case you need an extra hand.

Welcome to this Course

Thanks to the federal government, the "rich" just keep getting richer and the average person pays 40% of their income accumulated over their lifetime to the "tax man!" I'm going to show you how to play the same game as the rich do.

There are two types of people in the world:

1.) Consumers and "want-to-be entrepreneurs," who at the end of the year simply hand over their W-2's or their receipts to file their taxes (they usually owe taxes and trust me it's not fun).

2.) Planners and true entrepreneurs who plan for their taxes throughout the year (they usually owe nothing in taxes or rarely anything). Will this be you?

The topics covered in this course include:

  • Tax planning for your business to minimize your income taxes down to $0 potentially

  • QuickBooks tutorial to keep you well organized

  • Bonus: Financial coaching topics such as budgeting, real estate, and life insurance to accelerate your wealth

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Tax Planning

- 5 Step Blueprint

- Best Practices

- Tax Write-offs

- S Corp

- Record Keeping

- Payroll

- Estimated Tax Payments

Module 2: QuickBooks

- General Overview

Bonus: Module 3: Financial Coaching

- Budgeting

- Saving

- Investing

- Real Estate Investing

- Life Insurance

Meet Your Instructor

Jeff Badu

Jeff Badu is a parallel entrepreneur and a wealth multiplier. He’s a Licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the founder and CEO of Badu Enterprises, LLC, which is a multinational conglomerate that owns several key companies. His marquee company is Badu Tax Services, LLC, which is a CPA firm that specializes in tax preparation, tax planning, and tax representation for individuals and businesses. Another key company is Badu Investments, LLC, which is a real estate investment company that acquires residential and commercial rental real estate properties in areas such as the South Side of Chicago in efforts to restore traditionally underserved areas. What sparked his interest in launching these companies is his passion for helping people minimize their tax liability and ultimately multiplying their money by investing it and building multi-generational wealth. His purpose in life is to inspire and support the super hungry to take hold of infinite resources in order to create an abundant lifestyle.

Jeff Badu created this course as a cost-effective option for business owners and individuals to build tax-free wealth.

There’s a lot of information out there, but this course puts everything in a simplified format that’s easy to follow and understand. It’s shocking how simplified the course is, but how massive of an impact it can have on you. This course is loaded with powerful information to help you learn how taxes work for business owners and how to avoid paying taxes legally.

You won’t regret purchasing this course. You can also share this course with your friends for an opportunity to build passive income if you find the course valuable.

Perks of This Online Course

  • You will receive the tools to building tax-free wealth by gaining a deep dive of the tax code.

  • It’s simplified by breaking it down by topic including best practices to keep you compliant with the IRS, tax write-offs to potentially reduce your tax bill to $0, investments that will accelerate your wealth and allow you to have a real conversation with yourself about money and how you emotionally connect to your money.

  • After this course, you will equip yourself with the tools only 1% of the world has access to. This course provides you with infinite resources in order to create an abundant lifestyle!